Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fairy Tale Wedding

Monday was Abby and Dermot's wedding. The pictures tell the story better than I can. Simply put, it was magical-- an American girl meets an Irish lad, they court across the ocean, fall in love, he proposes in the pub where they first met and the wedding planning begins. The actual wedding took place at a gorgeous cathedral in Kilkenny. Abby's mom hand-painted the runner for the center aisle, Abby looked stunning in her dress and the Irish priest was a riot. During the ceremony, he talked about soccer and said "you may now kiss the bride" even though "that is only said in Hollywood, but since the bride is American it is allowed."

the happy couple and the wedding party after pictures

The reception took place back at the resort. Cocktails were served in front of the main manor house, with dinner served in the dining room of the lodge, which had been decorated in a woodlands theme. Everything from Irish dancers to a wedding cake with Marge and Homer Simpson bride and groom added fun flares to the evening.

Dermot, Abby and the mother of the bride

the happy couple:-) The cake is decorated with the story of how they met. Very creative!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Internet in Ireland was a bit scarce and a lot expensive, so here is the first of a few Ireland entries that should have been posted in the last couple of days...

The first Ireland adventure was driving, plain and simple. The Irish drive on the left side of the road and my dad had been dreading getting us from Dublin to Thomastown for months. All in all he did a fantastic job!

But the journey can be best summarized by my mother and father:

In the parking lot:
Mom: "Doug, is there a practice course we can drive the car around a couple of times?"
Mom: "Erin, I am being serious, this is not funny."

Leaving the airport:
Mom (from the back seat): "oh” (gasp) "oh my gosh" (gasp gasp) "look right!"
Dad (with hand firmly at 10 and 2): "that is not helpful!"
(Katie and I are trying not to laugh)

Approaching Kilkenny:
Mom: "honey, I just thought I would tell you that you are hitting the bushes."
(Katie and I are laughing hysterically!)

Alas, we made it safely to Thomastown on Saturday afternoon and the resort was spectacular! We had our choice of activities: golf, clay shooting, hunting, trout fishing and croquet. Cheerio!

proof that my mom and dad were in an Irish pub!

After checking in and having a spot of tea, a Taylor family first occured: we all went to a pub together! Who would have thunk it! The occassion was the rehersal dinner and the specific pub was where Abby and Dermot (bride and groom) first met. The music was great and it was fun to meet the rest of the wedding guests.

Breakfast at the lodge on Sunday morning consisted of bacon, eggs, black pudding (blood sausage), white pudding (contents unknown,) and delicious Irish brown bread. Sunday afternoon, my dad golfed and my mom, Katie and Dr. and Mrs. R and I drove into Kilkenny and toured the castle and visited an art center. I would highly recommend Kilkenny!—while a bit touristy, it is filled with interesting shops and pubs and pubs and pubs.

Check back later for wedding and general Ireland observation postings!