Saturday, August 27, 2005

Safely in Bonn

I arrived in Bonn yesterday and am enjoying being in Germany again. This does not mean that I am not mildly freaking out about my decision to move to Germany, but as long as I am living in the moment I am having a great time. I've already had my first scoop of ice cream, first falafel sandwich and paid for my first grocery bag! The hotel is great (pictures to come tomorrow) and the weather is in the high 60's-low 70's!
Internet is super expensive, but I hope to have a cheaper set-up by tomorrow or Monday. I'll write more then!

Erin's observations of the day:
1. the local grocery store is having a sale on salt...What! Who has a salt sale?
2. the hours of operation of most stores has been extended since I was last in Germany. This is a great development! But since stores are still closed on Sundays, shopping today still had the feeling of trying to grocery shop before a snow storm (craziness!)