Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Shopping Observations

As I was out and about today doing my part to support the German economy, I was alarmed to find the following:

1. One-piece pantsuits for women. They reminded me of the jumpsuits Mr. Varley would wear on Three’s Company. The average woman would look squatty and blah in such a get-up. Please use extreme care if you are considering adding such a piece to your wardrobe!

2. Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carrey sing “black music.” This refers not to the spirit of the music but rather the tone of skin that neither one of them has! I think this observation requires no further comment.

3. KaDeWe is selling gold lamay and black patent leather quilted “bath shoes.” I am not even sure what bath shoes are, but I could imagine one would wear them at a spa. Of course that evokes images of wearing nothing but the gold lamay shoes, which is double wrong! To complete the look you can also buy rubber swim caps with colored terry cloth or leopard skin spandex stretched over top.

While I do not have pictures of any of this, I think KaDeWe should let me take pictures and post them on the blog as a public service!


At 6:02 PM, Anonymous The Exit said...

I think the shoes would fit to the red hair! When do we have the appointment with the hairdresser?

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES! The ubiquitous "Black Music" section in German CD shops! I was totally floored when I first saw them. Now it doesn't shock me as much. Have I gotten complacent? =Mango d.M.


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