Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm not done yet

Okay, so it seems I just can’t leave the blogosphere quite yet. I had an interesting morning that I thought I would share.

Here are my thoughts from 30,000 feet…

The morning was uneventful until the cab driver (a Greek guy in his late 40’s) asked if I had a boyfriend. No, I said, thinking maybe he has a cute Greek son who would like to make me spinach pie and feed me baklava. Unfortunately no-- he wanted to set me up with himself. EEEWWWW! I found myself emphatically telling him how much I enjoyed exploring the city ON MY OWN. After the second “nein danke” he got the message.

I did enjoy checking-out the guy who was checking me in. Unfortunately no date proposals there; he was too busy asking if I had packed my own bag (I thought they weren’t asking that anymore.) It did not, however, take much Midwest friendliness (flirting) to convince him that my bag was not over the weight limit (though I seriously wonder about that;-))

Security was tight…props to the Germans! I was asked for my passport 5 times before I boarded. There were two college students behind me in the 3rd security line who were being hassled by the checker (might have had something to do the giant ski goggles one was wearing on his head.) As Mr. ski goggles said to his buddy: “I thought they were going to do a cavity search!”

Finally, the ramp to the plane was broken so we had to climb aboard using a giant staircase. I felt very presidential☺ I wanted to turn around and wave at the top of the steps, but used my better judgment. I am at least confident that more Germans are sad about my departure that when GWB waves goodbye after his journeys across the pond.

After a late departure, I am now happily sitting in the exit row with no one in the middle seat and was just served peanuts (I didn’t think they did that anymore either.) I think I feel a nap coming on. Life is good☺

Post-flight observations:

My entry back into the US was a breeze…minus waiting on the plane for 15 minutes while the ground crew figured out how to park the plane…I’m not kidding. (Isn’t that flight school 101?)

I am going through a bit of culture shock. An aggressive old East Coaster wearing a dress and tennis shoes has already shoved me. And I’ve seen a few too many Guido hairstyles. But these are, of course, minor details. The NYC skyline is beautiful; the weather is sunny, people friendlier and I have yet to smell a single puff of cigarette smoke☺ I am already enjoying other small things like the green highway signs (think about it, street signs aren’t the same color everywhere and I am partial to our green ones.) It is great to be home!

My one other observation is that the traffic into NYC was very quiet, most likely due to the strike. Luckily, New Jersey Transit is running without delay and I am writing this entry as I cruise down the North East Corridor line.

I have no idea what time it is, and probably look like crap, but I don’t really care. My mom is waiting at the train station, Mr. Leland (the love of my life) is waiting at home and Dad and Katie are on their way. All is well in the house of Taylor☺

P.S. Sorry the entry is so long today. I had a little extra time to write;-)


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, what a lovely posting :) Hope you had a merry christmas! See you soon! Anuradha :)

At 2:37 PM, Blogger kelly said...

hey, have you started your new job yet? where are you going next?


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