Sunday, November 13, 2005

Random Comments

I’ve had a quiet couple of days in Berlin. As you can see from the pictures, the leaves are on their way off of the trees and the sun is setting earlier and earlier (it is completely dark before 5pm now.) The first picture is the outside of my building (the Pepto-Bismol pink monster.) The second one is a shot of the subway station near my apartment (I liked the late afternoon lighting on the trees.)

On an unrelated topic, I recommend people check out SKYPE is a computer program that allows you to use your computer, speakers/headphones and a microphone as a telephone. You can talk to other people via their computer or even to a landline. Calling someone’s computer is completely free and calling a landline is very inexpensive. I used it twice this weekend (hi Jennie and Torsten) and was very pleased with how clear the connection was.

I wish everyone a great start to the week!


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