Monday, October 24, 2005

"Bitte nicht"

Upon returning to my apartment after meeting Carl for a coffee yesterday, I ran out to get falafel sandwich before Noelle was supposed to call from the States. I grabbed my umbrella, $2.50 for the sandwich and headed out the door.

Stop. think fast: What did Erin forget?
Answer: her keys!
Ah, nuts!

But this should not be a problem because the hausmeister has an extra set. Wrong! Frau Blinde obviously has a more exciting social life than I do because she was not home at 7:30pm last night. But this still shouldn't be a problem because the "nice" old lady next door will let me use her phone to call my landlady, right? Wrong! When she came to the door, I explained my predicament and asked if I could use her phone. Her answer: "bitte nicht" ("sorry no") and she shut the door. She is now on "the list" and will not be receiving Christmas cookies from me this year!

Though I did momentarily see visions of me sleeping on the street like I did in Amsterdam, thankfully the story gets better from here... I rode the subway without a ticket to a friend's house in Kreuzberg (and didn't get caught.) She was home and we found my landlady's phone number. The landlady was home and had a spare key! (She will be getting the extra cookies that were meant for my neighbor!) I took the subway back across town, picked up the key and was happily home 2 hours after my little adventure began.

Fast forward to today... upon returning back from lunch, I found the department locked and no one was inside.

What is going on?! Conspiracy or stupidity and bad luck, you be the judge:-)

I took today's lockout as a sign that I should get a hot chocolate at the cafe down the street;-)

Lesson learned: a spare set of keys is only effective if it is located outside the apartment.

Happy Monday everyone!


At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:09 AM, Anonymous The Exit said...

oh, this is really bad.....i realize, that i have my second pairs of keys still at home. i should find a place for them....


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