Thursday, October 27, 2005

Media Analyst at work again

Though I am no longer scanning the newspapers at the embassy, I have resumed this daily ritual at the Adenauer Foundation. This time I am looking for articles about the Middle East and public diplomacy. But as in Washington, I also enjoy perusing the papers for fun and odd stories that make the news. Two articles caught my eye in the last week:

1. It was announced recently that the TV Tower, which is located at Alexanderplatz in downtown Berlin will be decorated as a huge soccer ball to celebrate the soccer world championship, which will take place in Germany this summer. I hope the energy surrounding the games only continues to grow as the championship gets closer!

I would like to propose an addition to the festivities. Just as the Ben Franklin statue in Philadelphia is given a sports jersey or hat if a local professional sports team makes it to the championships, I think Quadriga, the statue on top of the Brandenberg Gate, should be given a soccer jersey and a pair of Adidas soccer cleats.

2. In other news, Berlin has been given the honor of "Germany's Dirtiest City" by a national research institute. The mayor's response to the survey: "that's crap!" Another story that was making news in Berlin last month was talking garbage cans, which had been installed around the city. They say "vielen dank" when something is thrown away. I haven't actually found one yet, but I love the idea. I don't think that would work in DC though. I can just see the Secret Service being sent out with the bomb squad because people think there are electric devices in the trash cans around the city.


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben gets a shirt? Cool! I can see him from my office window and he is shirtless. I guess that means that we haven't won anything recently. Go Eagles, Ben is cold!!!

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