Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let the Games Begin

On the topic of the United States and the World Cup, President Bush really said it best last month:
"Listen, the World Cup is a -- first of all, most Americans, up until recently, didn't understand how big the World Cup is. And we're beginning to understand. (...) And I'm confident that the German people will do a magnificent job of welcoming people from around the world." 
As Germany gears up for the month-long tournament, which begins tomorrow, I must also admit that I am just beginning to understand how big this thing is!  I know very little about soccer but am totally excited to watch some of the games. It's hard not to be excited; the energy surrounding the tournament is contageous! And I certainly hope to see an American or German team capture the gold cup in July.
I'm sure I'll post more about the tournament in the coming weeks. For now though, I thought I would share one side of the excitement... shopping!
There is World Cup EVERYTHING in the stores!  For the chefs, you can buy soccer cookie cutters, soccer ball ice cube trays and soccer ball cake pans.  Grillers might want to consider buying the soccer ball kettle grill that is on sale at my local drug store. 

If home decorating is more your thing, how about this lovely couch from Galleria Kaufhof!? 

Gardeners will be flocking to get their hands on the flower pot that looks like a soccer player with a pot-shaped head.

Then again, maybe you aren't a soccer fan at all, but are concerned that your soccer fanatic boyfriend or husband will ignore you for the next month.  If so, try the soccer ball bra and panty set at Wertheim or the night shirt that says "bei mir gibt es keine rote karte," which I saw in Heidelberg.  (There is actually a whole series of these pajamas with equally "creative" sayings!) 
For the kids, there is the Juergen Klinsmann action figure.  Unfortunately, he is too short to date Barbie, but it could be fun accessory anyway!
Of course, there is also the matter of the German flag.  As I have mentioned before, Germany is not a country of big flag wavers.  But the World Cup is obviously a huge exception to this rule.  There are flags EVERYWHERE!  You can buy flags, black-red-gold belts, flag tattoos, face paint, black-red-gold wigs, and, and, and...  I am talking about flag paraphernalia on the scale of American flags for the 4th of July! 
Most states around the country plan extended store hours for the next month so there is no need to panic if you haven't yet stocked up on the necessities!  Taking inventory, I see that I am the proud owner of a "let's go krauts" shirt, soccer cookie cutters and a soccer man flower pot.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN! :-)


At 6:46 AM, Anonymous  said...

i must admit, i'm incredibly jealous of your amazing football finds. needless to say, i'll be hitting the kaufhauses in nürnberg searching for like items. i'm such a follower sometimes. btw, i might have a contact who knows someone in china who knows someone who can help you jump-start production on your multi-million dollar "popener" idea...

good luck on your presentation. mine's over - hurrah!!


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