Saturday, February 18, 2006


Yesterday I went to Italy for lunch. Okay, actually I was at the Italian embassy down the street from work, but it is technically Italy. The lunch invite came because of some connection with the Ebert foundation’s Middle East department that is still a bit fuzzy to me. Whatever! It was lunch in Italy☺

Large marble pillars and stairs decorate the outside of the pink Renaissance style building that looks like it was moved directly from Rome. Apparently Hitler built the embassy as a gift to Mussolini, though Benito never got the chance to see his present. We bombed the building in WWII (I wonder why) and some of the ruins are left in remembrance of the war. The ruins reminded me more of the Coliseum or the Forum. Check out the embassy's website to see some cool pictures.

The actual offices were great—lime green curtains, red chairs and melon orange leather couches appeared to be the standard issue. I would describe the decorations in the cantina as rustic Italian. More importantly, the food was great!

Now I ready for a real visit to Italia!


At 5:39 PM, Blogger eightyone81 said...

I drove by that building numerous times, knew that it was an embassy, but did not realize it was Italy's. Very cool, nice work of getting in there, too...
It has been snowing in Santa Barbara, believe it or not...


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