Saturday, September 10, 2005

God Bless the USA

Last night was "America Night"—the American scholars presented their vision of America to the Russian fellows. After much debate about what to do, we prepared a potluck dinner, played American music and then played a game of Jeopardy with US-, German-, Russian- and orientation seminar- related questions.

Being a protégé of the Martha J. Taylor School of “everything looks better with an American flag in it,” I brought flag toothpicks and small flags with me from the States. I think they added a fun flare to the table. The Russians seemed pleased with the overall effort and commented that we dispelled belief that Americans only buy pre-packaged food.

Luckily the evening progressed without me needing to recite the American pledge of allegiance in German. Germans (and Russians as I have learned) aren’t big on such displays of patriotism. I think my bizarre talent (thank you Fr. Warg☺) would have given a new meaning to the term “shock and awe!”

As a most important side note, I would like to thank everyone who has left comments on the blog. I have tried to reply to as quickly as possible, but Internet is expensive in the hotel. Please bear with me—more emails and more pictures on the blog are guaranteed as soon as I get an apartment.


At 7:50 AM, Anonymous flags said...

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